Behind the scenes of Mr Endowed (Remix)

Mr endowed made headlines across Africa and beyond with his single featuring Snoop Dogg and here is a short 1minute clip of an interview with MTV base. He also mentioned possibilities of Donjazzy producing for the likes of Beyonce, JayZ and Kanye. Now this gets interesting because just 2 days ago, Kanye West(Who rarely tweets anyone) tweeted Dbanj and Donjazzy which certainly means some kind of work involving the two parties is ongoing.

kanyedbanjtweet VIDEO: Behind The Scenes With Snoop Dogg & DBanj Plus Hints of Projects With Jay Z, Kanye West & Beyonce

Now if this supposed collabo turns out to be true and valid, it’ll definitely be a huge boost to Nigerian music in general. The fact that it involves one of the biggest artiste in the world and one of Nigeria’s best artiste and producer makes it even more exciting.



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