Chris Brown Accused of Punching a Photographer at a Nightclub.

A Tampa nightclub is seeking money from Chris Brown after he made a brief appearance, in which he allegedly punched a photographer early Monday morning then dipped.

According to TMZ, Brown was scheduled to make an hour-long appearance at Aja Channelside and perform. Once he entered the venue, Brown requested that the club's photographer not take any photos of him and his entourage. Shortly after, the singer spotted the photographer taking pictures of the crowd then allegedly leaped over a couch and punched him in the face. The melee involved Brown, his bodyguard and the photographer.

Police were called to the scene, but Brown departed before their arrival. The photographer said he suffered a split lip from the skirmish. Cops are currently investigating Brown for battery.

Because of his early exit, the club is asking for the "Party" singer to fork over the $30,000 that he was paid for his appearance. Brown was reportedly only in attendance for five minutes before engaging in the brawl and left the club right after the incident.

Brown is currently on his Party Tour. His next show will take place Thursday at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia.

Billboard has reached out to Brown's rep and Aja Channelside for comment.

Source: Yahoonews

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