Justin Bieber Clears Up Floyd Mayweather Beef: ‘We Just Need to Create Boundaries’

Just days before Floyd Mayweather was scheduled to fight Conor McGregor in late August, an explosive report emerged indicating that Mayweather had a much bigger beef on his hands than the one involving his UFC foe. According to TMZ Sports, Mayweather and his friend—er, former friend?—Justin Bieber were reportedly at odds after the singer decided to create some separation between himself and Mayweather by unfollowing him on Instagram. Mayweather reportedly went "nuclear" when he found out about it and called Bieber a "traitor" for turning his back against him.

In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked that took place right before the Mayweather/McGregor match, Mayweather downplayed the alleged beef between him and Bieber by saying that he didn’t have anything negative to say about him. But he also mentioned that he doesn’t speak on other people unless he has something positive to say about them, so he subsequently seemed to suggest that he did, in fact, have an issue with Bieber unfollowing him on the 'gram.

Source: YahooNews

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