Who are the Bongolos???

Bongolos is a new Hip Hop/Afrofusion group from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania,
formed by two artists, Drew & Tamu, and founded by the legendary music
producer P-Funk Majani of Bongo Records in 2016.

The name "Bongolos" was dubbed by the USA Hiphop artist Mims, from his collaboration with Bongo Records during his last Visit in Tanzania (from his line in his verse, “Welcome to the jungle, Bongolos”)

Drew met P-Funk Majani in 2014 by responding to P-Funk's call for new artists to
work with, while as for Tamu, she met him through a friend, and the rest is

Bongolos sound is uniquely moulded by different genres, from Trap,Rap, Afrobeat, Bongofleva and Pop, all being musical influences of the artists respectively.

Bongolos aim more into making music which has new generation influence with additions elements of tribal musical instruments from Tanzania.

Their introductory debut track, "Wape" follows the same guidelines and the effort has produced one of the current contagious track burning the airwaves.

Accompanied with a Karabani music video, Bongolos have set the platform for themselves to take over East Africa, and Africa at large.

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