NEW MUSIC: Big Star- Closer

Contrary to face value, hip hop acts are lovers. Some might even go as far as calling them 'Hopeless romantics. One could give examples but lets not.

Let's introduce you instead, to a part of South African hip hop act 'Big Star' you may not know yet. Leading up to his forth coming project, the rapper releases 'Closer' and no one can tell you more about the song than he could.

So in his words: "I realized that we as South African rappers are afraid to make emotional music , honest love songs . So I created this peace to appreciate the woman in my life Currently and just shed light on a positive love story and celebrate a new love . Initially the song was written to an acoustic guitar and Tazzy built around it and created a masterpiece. This song is for everybody , very cross over in the sound but also celebrates our home sounds with the guitar lines at the end of the song ... 'Closer' feels like love in color if that makes sense..."

Get Below:


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