Actress pens down powerful message on gender inequality

Bukky Wright has joined the league of Nigerian actresses speaking on the issue of gender inequality.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, to write about in what seems to be quite a lengthy post about the very sensitive issue which has really been on the front burner for a lot of social analysts.

She wrote,

"When a man has a good car it attracts more ladies to him. When a lady has a good car it repels guys away from her. This is the world we live in.A teenage boy impregnates his teenage girlfriend. The girl drops out of school, the boy continues his education.

 This is the word we live in.A guy catches his girlfriend with another guy, he fights his girlfriend. A lady catches her guy with another lady, she fights the other lady. This is the word we live in.The older a man becomes, the higher the number of ladies available for him. The older a lady becomes the fewer the number of guys available for her.

This is the world we live in.A 76-year-old man can still marry a 26-year-old lady. A 36-year-old lady is tagged too old to get married. This is the world we live in.A man divorces his wife today and the next day he is dating other ladies. Six months later he is married. While the divorced woman is labeled a divorcee and remains single six years later. This is the world we live in.

A married man is caught in bed with another woman, his wife is asked to forgive him and move on. A married woman is caught in bed with another man, the husband asks her to leave his house.

 This is the world we live in.A man gets transferred by his company to another state, the entire family relocates with him. The woman gets transferred to another state, she goes alone or resigns from the job.

 This is the world we live in.‎ If a man rises to be the CEO of the company, he got there by hard work and determination. If a woman rises to be the CEO of the company, even if the staff are are only women, she is suspected to get there by sleeping with the Board members.

This is the world we live in.Facts like these make some ladies angry at the world and channeling the anger towards men. For me, that is not the right card to play. Understanding the world you live in should help you play a better game."

The actress is known to always have a word or two for both her colleagues and fans as she recently warned her colleagues to be mindful of the kind of personal information they post on social media.

Wright said in a social media post that such information could be so sensitive that it could hinder their careers in the future.

Bukky Wright has starred in a lot of Yoruba and English movies, including her thrilling role in the famous family series "Super Story". She is a mother and grandmother.

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