My Vote Fit Change Naija” short film ft Julius Agwu, 2Shotz, others

We are absolutely pleased by the number of election focused advocacy initiatives cropping up in Nigeria! “My Vote Fit Change Naija” is a short film featuring Julius Agwu, Adaora Ukoh, 2Shotz and Yomi Onanuga that encourages Nigerians to get out the vote in the upcoming elections in a simple, engaging and insightful short film format. We encourage all Nigerians to watch the video.

In the film, Julius Agwu plays the role of a young unemployed Nigeria who has been out of work for 4 years since he graduated from university. He comes home one day to find his brother’s pregnant wife in labor and as he tries to help her out, goes through various  ”Nigeria-like” challenges. The film’s simple message is that to avoid all these Nigeria-like challenges, all well meaning Nigerians must get out the vote so that we can secure our future.

My vote fit change Naija was directed by Alex Mouth and produced by Kingsley Bangwell in partnership with the Julius Agwu Foundation for Youth (JAFYY). The film is an initiative of the Youngsters Foundation and is funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).

DVD and VCD versions of the video will be distributed free all over Nigeria and screenings of the film will be held all over the country up until April, 2011. The JAFYY and the Youngstars Foundation have also instituted the Best Use of Video Youth Challenge 2011, a contest that encourages Nigerians to use the video to conduct a voter awareness activity in any part of Nigeria between March 5th to April 15th 2011. The winner of the contest will win an all expense paid trip to the United Kingdom.

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Watch the My Vote Fit Change Naija video on our video link and share the inspiration with your network!

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